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Timber Crest Wealth Management works hard to maximize and preserve wealth for a wide variety of individual and business clients.  Timber Crest Wealth Management uses both time-tested and cutting-edge planning techniques.  When consulted, Timber Crest Wealth Management members will interface with the client and the client's advisors to help determine need, risk tolerance and strategy. 
What sets Timber Crest Wealth Management apart from other wealth advisors and planners is an integrated planning approach using some of the industry's best professionals in the related fields of estate planning, taxation, finances and accounting. Through these professionals, Timber Crest Wealth Management brings added value to almost any circumstance or transaction. 
Many of Timber Crest Wealth Management's client's work with a team of advisors already such as an accountant, attorney, financial planner, business advisor or insurance representative.  In this case, Timber Crest Wealth Management and its team are happy to work with the client's professionals examining all possible solutions given an ever changing landscape of laws and regulations to best meet the client's needs.  Often strategies not contemplated by a client's advisors are examined which can enhance a client's position or opportunity, including the creation of wealth.  In some circumstances the value added comes at no additional cost to the client.
Some clients have not previously relied on advisors to provide planning advice or may want additional assistance in this area.  Timber Crest Wealth Management's advantage is that the integrated approach to the use of professional advisors removes the sometimes-daunting task of finding qualified professionals to assist.  Further, the process makes discovery of solutions to client problems easier.
By coordinating and providing these value-added expert advisory services, Timber Crest Wealth Management has been able to manage better results to clients without competition among the professionals.  Further, because Timber Crest Wealth Management's integrated approach to professionals is used, the client's own advisors are content that their client relationship is not at risk of loss to new advisors.
Once a client determines a course of action, working with this great advisory team of experts and professionals, Timber Crest Wealth Management is capable of identifying and obtaining the best quality planning devices and products in the market.  Through many years of cultivated relationships, Timber Crest Wealth Management has access to the best and most comprehensive products and techniques available.
When the plan is completed and fully implemented by the team of professionals, the client can be assured that they received the best possible plan tailored to meet their needs.