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Our Investment Philosophy & Process

Market Timing


We believe in long-term investment principles. We believe that the level of risk associated with market timing does not warrant the potential rewards, therefore, we do not attempt to time the capital markets.


Asset Allocation


We seek to develop portfolios consistent with the goals, time horizon and risk tolerance of our clients without incurring undue risk. Fundamental to wealth accumulation and preservation is proper asset allocation, which entails strategically allocating invested funds across various asset classes e.g. Stocks, Bonds, Cash.




We promote diversification within asset classes to reduce portfolio risk associated with concentrated holdings, and to enhance potential portfolio returns.


Investment Products


Being an independent firm, Timber Crest Wealth Management is allowed the freedom to support an open architecture, meaning we are not limited to using a proprietary product.


Due Diligence
Companies we choose to work with on our client's behalf must pass
several levels of due diligence review. Timber Crest Wealth
Management also conducts reviews to determine if the provider's
strategy can add value for our clients. 




We do not seek to be the least expensive advisors; rather we seek
to be the best financial advisors for our clients. We believe cost
should not be the issue of a professional engagement; rather the
focus must be on the value added by a relationship with us, in
helping our clients toward achieving their long-term goals.